A Charge to the Rich

51 mins by Fellowship Bible Church of Pierz |

Rich Christians must set their hope on God by imitating God's generosity.

We have learned about how contentment is cultivated when we humbly agree with God about what our real needs actually are, about the temporary and fleeting nature of money and possessions, and about the genuine gain that comes from living a godly life protected and purified by contentment (6:6-8). But one thing is painfully obvious (especially in on our intensely materialistic culture): contentment will not be attained without a fight. Therefore, Christians must engage in a life-long fight for contentment, a fight which calls for both offensive and defensive strategies (6:11-12). And where shall we find such strategies? We find them in the very next passage, that is, in the charge to the rich in 6:17-19. Here we are given an eternal perspective defining what it means to be truly rich. This perspective warns us of the dangers and inspires us with the responsibilities that come with being rich. When the dangers are heeded and the responsibilities embraced, we are those who find real gain and a firm grip on what is truly life.

Sermon Title: "A Charge to the Rich"
Text: 1 Timothy 6:17-19
Preacher: Pastor Brandon Bellomo
Date: 5/14/2017

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