Christ: The Grand Subject of Both Testaments

54 mins by Fellowship Bible Church of Pierz |

What is the Old Testament about? Stories, laws, genealogies, poetry, prophecies, wise sayings… is there anything that unites such a large body of literature?

Jesus and the apostles clearly taught that the Old Testament was all about the Christ, his suffering, his death, his resurrection, his kingdom, his glory, and the grace we receive through faith in him.

Today we start a mini series on Christ in the Old Testament and a guest preacher, Tom Kelby, helps set the stage with this introductory sermon, focusing on what the New Testament says the Old Testament is all about.

May God open our minds to understand and may our hearts burn within us in hope of our Christ.

Sermon Title: "Christ: The Grand Subject of Both Testaments"
Text: 1 Peter 1:10-12
Preacher: Tom Kelby
Date: 6/25/2017

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