Endure Suffering to Further the Gospel

45 mins by Fellowship Bible Church of Pierz |

It is vitally important for the church to get both the gospel right and discipleship right. In 2 Timothy, Paul wants to make crystal clear another thing that is vitally important for the church: enduring suffering to further the gospel.

In this sermon we have two main points: The Command to Endure Suffering to Further Gospel and The Motivation to Endure Suffering to Further the Gospel.

God commands us to endure suffering, and so we will look at the three steps to becoming ready to suffer.

The first step is to be willing to suffer.

The second step is to be expecting to suffer.

And the third step is to be ready to suffer.

After this we will look at our passage for all the different reasons Paul gives to motivate us and to boost our courage to endure suffering to advance the gospel.

We will also tackle tough questions like:

“If God has elected people for salvation and if God’s Word is not bound, then why should I suffer for people’s salvation if it’s already guaranteed?”

“How does my suffering affect my salvation? If I suffer a lot for my faith, should that assure me of my salvation?”

“How can I practically suffer to advance the gospel?”

Sermon Title: "Endure Suffering to Further the Gospel"
Text: 2 Timothy 2:8-13
Preacher: Steve Johnson
Date: 7/23/17