Fight the Good Fight of Faith

50 mins by Fellowship Bible Church of Pierz |

We must persevere in the faith by engaging in a disciplined fight to trust God and keep His word until Jesus returns.

God has called us into a fight, a life-long fight of faith. By God's grace we have been called through the gospel and the powerful working of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we must take hold of the eternal life that first took hold of us. We made a public confession of our faith and now we are called to continue in our confession by fighting the fight of faith. Like a boxing match, the fight of faith will include strategies of both defense ("flee") and offense ("pursue"). We are commanded to engage in such a fight. And our motivation for heeding the command comes from the fact that the fight takes place in the presence of God the Father and God the Son. Both God's intimate presence with us and Jesus' example of making and continuing in His confession are meant to motivate us to fight hard until the bell rings at Jesus' return.

Sermon Title: "Fight the Good Fight of Faith"
Text: 1 Timothy 6:11-16
Preacher: Pastor Brandon Bellomo
Date: 5/7/2017

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