Speculators and Stewards

52 mins by Fellowship Bible Church of Pierz |

False teaching often comes in subtle forms.

It can start with interesting speculations about doctrine. This can lead to vain discussions, conversations that do not profit anyone or help anyone grow in Christ. False teachers may affirm true doctrine, but they are infatuated with myths or speculations or novelty, becoming bored with the gospel and sound doctrine. They are convincing too, because although their novel teaching isn't founded clearly on God's word, they speak so confidently when they teach that people assume they must be right.

Paul saw this danger and urged Timothy, and us, to hold fast to sound doctrine.

For the sake of love.

Sermon Title: "Speculators and Stewards"
Text: 1 Timothy 1:3-11
Preacher: Pastor Brandon Bellomo
Date: 1/15/2017​